Let’s travel! 3- by car

Let´s learn some useful expressions when travelling by car.
- Where is the parking lot, please?
- Where can I park my car?
- Where can I rent a car? // I would like to rent a car for. days / weeks.
- A car breakdown // I had a breakdown (= my car stopped working) in the middle of the road
- A garage is a place where cars are repaired. // Where can I find a garage to repair my car?
- Insurance // I’ll need to take out extra car insurance for another driver.
- Let’s learn the parts of the car

Tips for travelling

- Pack some treats (crackers, grapes, fruit snacks, popcorn, etc), along with empty ziploc bags and paper cups so that you can pass individual servings to the kids in the back.

- Also pack plenty of water bottles. Everybody has their own water bottle next to their seat, and you can fill up on the occasional pit stop.

- Stop whenever necessary, but don’t stop for very long. Everyone can get out of the car and stretch whenever you stop.

- Sing! turn up the music and belt it out!

- Listen to an audio book. It’s amazing how fast the time goes when you’re immersed in a story.

- Rotate seats. . Take turns in the back seat every once in a while. Changing seats seems to help break the monotony.

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