Study Tips!

About your studying area

-Good Lightning: It will help you pay more attention to your work and it will help your eyes!

-Clear area: Make sure that the area where you are studying in is clear. You can easily get distracted with the things  you have on your desk. You have to focus!

-Quiet: Some people are able to perform with music or loud noise in the area, but  you should always study in a quiet area. Your brain will be able to focus more on the material!

About your study skills

-Keep an organized notebook for each subject

-Study for a while and take short breaks

-Repetition: If you repeat something, you are more likely to remember! Go through a set of flashcards several times or say your topic several times out loud.

-Stay organized: This will help you reduce the stress of studying.

-Join a study group: teaching and speaking are great ways to retain information.

-Treat yourself!: reward yourself for accomplishing your goals.

-Don’t procrastinate! Don’t wait until the last minute to study! Plan a definite time and place for studying each day

-Think positive, Do your best!


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